CORIT Receives Research Grant

The NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation has granted CORIT Academic a donation for the research project “Trends in Financial Market Innovations: The Role of Taxes”.

The purpose of the research project is to outline and analyze the trends on the financial market from a tax law perspective. Even though financial instruments are frequently traded and the financial markets are in constant change and subject to increased regulatory burdens, the tax treatment of specific instruments or yields are often uncertain. Especially for international tax purposes the qualification and treatment of traded financial instruments is unclear. Uncertain tax consequences or inconsistency may compose an insuperable trading barrier due to mismatch between risk and return on a post-tax basis, whereby the tax treatment of financial instruments is crucial for effective capital markets.


The project includes analysis of the qualification and tax treatment of selected innovative and new products according to Tax Treaties (including the Nordic tax Treaty) and applicable EU law.


The project output will be published in international renowned journals and all contributions will be published as an anthology in order to bring the research project together and to conclude the overall achievements.


The project is expected finalised in the second half of 2014.